Näyttelijätär haussa

tammikuu 9, 2009

Ruotsalaisen tuotantoyhtiömme The Company P:n uusimman produktion esituotanto on alkanut. Kihisen halusta kertoa, mistä on kyse, mutta en voi. Sen sijaan, jos lukijoistani löytyy näyttelemistaitoisia larppaajia tai roolipelitaitoisia näyttelijöitä, nyt on mahdollisuus saada töitä:

We’re doing a web drama to supplement a Hollywood tv series. It’s an interactive story where online audience participation will decide the progress of the narrative. For our previous project, Sanningen om Marika, we won the International Emmy Award for Best Interactive Tv Service.

For this show we are looking for a young actress (age of play 20-25) with strong skills in impro or role-playing. As the audience is mostly in the US, you must be able to speak American English with no accent. If possible, please include a English-speaking voice sample in your application.

You will play different characters on the show, so you should have great variety in body language and mannerisms. Amongst the characters you will be playing are:

a witty, tech-savvy, geeky hacker

an odd punk girl

middle-aged scientist

We will hold auditions in Stockholm continuously from January 10th to 25th.

We expect you to be available for rehearsals 26/1-1/2 and for shooting on 2/2, 9-13/2, 14-15/2, 17/2, 19-22/2, and 24-27/2. Dates may vary. Shooting days will not be nine-to-five, since we’re sometimes broadcasting live and will have to make the show work for American time zones. We will shoot in Stockholm and can not provide housing, if you come from somewhere else.

We’re paying you 30’000 SEK (incl tax) for the whole project. No residuals.

Send applications (with cv and photos) or questions to casting@thecompanyp.com



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