3 syyskuun, 2013
(c) Nokia / Creative Commons

(c) Nokia / Creative Commons


My name is STEPHEN ELOP. I am the son of the former PRESIDENT of MICROSOFT, Mr. BILL GATES III. I am contacting you because a mutual FRIEND suggested you as a person who is trustworthy and reliable.

As you probably know, MICROSOFT’s plans for world domination have recently been foiled by the evil APPLE corporation and their IPHONE invasion of the market. However, we still have the very valuable MS WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM in our possession. Unfortunately, we cannot get it out on a SMARTPHONE. This is why I am writing to YOU.

The OPERATING SYSTEM is worth one hundred billion dollars ($ USD). However, since it is tied to DESKTOP COMPUTERS, we cannot access any of that money. With your help we could transfer the OPERATING SYSTEM on a SMARTPHONE, and then we could share that money in the ration 50% to me, 40% to you and 10% for any expenses.

However, before we begin, there is one SMALL technicality before I can transfer the OPERATING SYSTEM to you. I need you to send me your DEVICE MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. Without this you can not get 40% of one hundred billion dollars ($ USD), meaning exactly forty billion dollars ($ USD)! I hope you understand.

Note that this transaction is 100% risk FREE and LEGAL. There is NO ATOM OF RISK in connection to this business as I have worked out all modalities to complete the transaction successfully. Once the DEVICE MANUFACTURING BUSINESS is released to us, the PROFITS from the OPERATING SYSTEM will be released to YOU.

Please hold what I have told YOU in strict CONFIDENCE and kindly send your response to my PRIVATE email address: stefenelope31@hotmail.com

Sincerely, AND God bless!

September 21, 2010
Stephen Elop
Son of the former President of Microsoft, Mr. Bill Gates III


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  1. This is hilarious beyond recognition 😀
    …and a bit sad at the same time 😛

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  4. Clearly a fake, Elop uses Gmail.

  5. Brilliant!

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  7. Of course the reality is that Nokia’s device business has been losing money hand over fist, $ 700 million last year, and in fact Nokia kept the very profitable parts of the business. But I loved the skit anyway.

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  9. Reblogged this on Xavdog's Blog and commented:
    The only thing you need to read about the Microsoft-Nokia deal.

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  11. so sad because an emblematic fin company was sold 😦 http://descargarnokiapcsuite.com/

  12. Reblogged this on V3RTU and commented:
    I am lovin it!

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